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Hello all!


I just wanted to quickly introduce myself in this discussion section. I had AML when I was 10 and then again at 13. I had both a bone marrow and stem cell transplants along with the chemo and such. I am now 23 years old with a master's degree in speech-language pathology working with kiddos in a school in Washington State. I try to stay involved in anything cancer related, so I am super excited to be apart of this online community! The NCCS is fabulous! Please please feel free to ask me any questions. I am here to help and provide support in any way that I can.

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It's great to hear your story!  My son had a bone marrow transplant 5 years ago and my daughter 1 year ago.  Both had the chemo and my daughter had radiation.  It is great to see you are so far out from your transplants me hope for them in the future!
Oh thank you! It sounds like you have had one trial after another! How hard to have go through everything with two kids. Congrats on it being 5 years for your son!! There most certainly is hope for the future ;)

Wow! Our Oncologist said it was like 1 in a billion chances that a sibling would have cancer.  I can't even imagine having two children going thru treatment.  You are a very strong woman!!!!!!  My husband is a nervous wreck about our son thinking he could have it and wants bloodwork done on him every 6 months.  It can really stress you out if you let it.  I try to be as strong as possible as we are only at the beginning stages.  Reading this posts does help with support and strength.  Wishing you all the best!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I am currently going thru APML with my 5 yr old daughter who is on a clinical study.  They are replacing one form of chemo with Arsenic to avoid relapse.  I am guessing Arsenic wasn't something you had for treatment?  I am finding it very difficult to find another child with AML/APML.  It seems to happen in older children and young adults.  The parents that have reached out to me (only 2) both had sons.  Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Hello Melissa! When I was going through treatment Arsenic wasn't part of my treatment plan. I honestly don't remember what kinds of chemo I had to have. Do you have any specific questions? I could also give you my mother's information. You might like to talk to her parent to parent :) Anything to help!!

Your mother's information would be great if she wouldn't mind.  I am very interested in talking to a parent who has went threw AML treatment with their child.  Thank you!

Awesome! I sent you a friend invite so I can send you her information to your inbox. :) She would love to talk with you :)


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